Panel Products

Hazlin offer a diverse range of panel products which will add depth and character to any project, allowing any doors to seamlessly integrate into the existing environment.

Hazlin’s innovation and commitment to quality ensures that any customised specifications add integrity and design to projects which require both safety and style.

    • Veneers are any commercially available traditional species:
      • Oak
      • Maple
      • Ash
    • More exotic cuts and species:
      • Burr walnut
      • Special man-made veneers, such as Tabu or Alpi
    • Panel Products can be described as the following:
      • Standard sheets
      • Cut sized panels
      • Lipped panels
      • Lay-ons
      (Lay-ons can be single veneer skins or 3 ply veneers glued together for fixing to customer substrate)
  • These are full sized sheets (generally, 2440 x 1220 or 3050 x 1220) of mdf, plywood or chipboard sheets that are then veneered in your specified veneer. Boards can be from 4mm thickness to 120mm if required.

    • 4The quality of veneer is important
    • Veneer leaves are cut to a uniform width
    • The style and quality make a significant difference to the overall visual impact


    • Veneer leaf widths are consistent
    • Generally they are book matched, but can be slip or random matched or laid to suit customer specification
    • Veneer is normally taken from consecutive bundles ensuring that the gradual changes that occur in the log are reflected in the veneered board
    • Veneers can be laid in either horizontal or vertical directions
    • Boards can be finished to a specified thickness +/-0.5mm


    • Getting uniform veneer widths from consecutive bundles is more expensive than buying commercial produced boards
    • If boards are going to be cut down & panel sizes taken from them, then veneer matching can be difficult to achieve
    • Wastage may be higher than getting panels specifically made to order
  • These are panels cut to a customer specified size. As with standard boards the core is manufactured from standard
    commercially available materials. Hazlin then cut the board to a customer specified size + 4mm. Panels are then veneered in either a specified veneer or customer selected veneer. They are then sent to the CNC department for cutting back to final size.


    • The process ensures that panels are dimensionally very accurate
    • Panel edges are square, with minimal arris sanding to all edges
    • Veneer match follows through on each panel
    • The only variation will be on the amount of veneer overhang on each panel and cutting back of each panel to dead size
    • Veneer leaf widths are adjusted to suit panel widths
    • Consecutive bundles from logs of veneer are used ensuring grain matching
    • Veneer can be laid in any direction to suit customer needs


    • Raw edge of board visible
    • A more expensive option to commercially available sheets
  • These are cut sized panels that have a solid timber lipping applied. Lipping thickness is normally 10mm, plus the thickness of panel. However the customer can specify lipping thickness taking into account any edge detailing. Normal edging thickness is between 10 and 20mm wide. Hazlin can accommodate many thicknesses. If curved panels are needed then the edging thickness will vary depending on the detail required


    • Panels are manufactured to suit the specific needs of the customers
    • Rebates, grooves can be machined in faces or edges to suit the needs of the customer
    • Veneer matching and direction are ensured
    • All edging timber is normally concealed by the facing veneer
    • Mitred corners can be formed
    • Special machining can be carried out
    • Finish sizes made to +/- 0.5mm


    • Cost
    • Time scale – lipped panels take longer to manufacture than standard boards
  • When manufacturing doors or large panel schemes Hazlin can provide veneers to match any work in progress. Lay-ons are veneers that have been jointed to form sheets. These can be made into thin plywood type materials that can then be sent to the customer for fitting to special units such as vertical face of curved reception desk. Other lay-ons can be manufactured for customers who are manufacturing items in close proximity to a veneered panelling scheme. Hazlin will make veneer lay-ons for the customer to apply to their own substrate.


  • Particular attention is placed on the matching of veneers within a scheme
  • To ensure that the desired effect is achieved the veneer log is laid out to show its character and vibrancy
  • Panel products are exclusive to the project that they are made for
  • The only limitation on size is the core materials that are available and equipment needed to process the panels
  • The skills of the Hazlin veneer department, together with the diligence of experienced pressing, CNC and finishing teams ensure that the panel schemes exhibit the natural beauty of quality veneers being used

Hazlin offers panel products in the following categories:

  • 4Wall Panelling – e.g. Reception area panelling
  • Kitchens
  • Furniture
  • Bedroom units & fitments
  • Ceiling panels
  • Engraving – for example map of the world
  • Marquetry, parquetry, patterns & inlays

Panels can be faced in:

    • Melamine/plastic laminate (in colours, patterns & wood grains)
    • Real wood veneer
    • Man-made wood based veneers
    • Certain types of fabrics, paints & lacquers