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Hazlin is a specialist manufacturer of high performance fire door sets and has been manufacturing purpose made fire doors for nearly 50 years.

Our fire doors provide the ultimate combination of safety and style to any project with every effort made to accommodate project specific requirements. A leading UK manufacturer of high quality, project bespoke doors and frames made to exacting standards Hazlin has the skills and technology available to meet industry expectations. All our customers are covered by our comprehensive BM TRADA Q Mark scope from FD30 – FD120 rating ensuring that you have a fully compliant solution for your project.

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Product Overview

Fire doors achieve a minimum of 30 minute fire resistance.


Fire Door 44 mm thick.


Fire resistant performance BS 476 part 22 / BS EN 1634.


All production is covered under ISO 9001 quality system and third party accreditation scheme for fire doors – Q Mark, run as a division of TRADA (Timber Research & Development Association).


Doors can be concealed lipped to two long edges or all around.


Exposed lippings can be easily accommodated.


Contrasting lippings can also be applied to the leading edge of all door leaves to suit DDA requirements.


Intumescent seals can be fitted to either the frame or door as required.


Concealed intumescent can be fitted to the stiles of the door (apart from meeting stiles of pairs).


Facing material can be: veneer, laminate or a phenolic pre-primed paper for factory paint or further painting on site.


Glazed areas in these doors are much greater than in higher fire rated doors.


Glazing bead profile GB/1 or GB/F for flush beads or specials to order (see page on vision panels).

Fire Door 54 mm thick.

Fire Door 44 mm thick can be provided as a single doors with limited height and width.

Doors have to be lipped on all four edges.

Glazed area in FD60 door sets, though relatively large, is less than in FD30 doors.

Hardwood frames must be used in all applications, softwood is not permitted.

Glazing bead profile is Hazlin GB/3 or GB/F for flush beads (see page on vision panels).
Key info
Well designed fire door will perform its duty in providing access around a building.

In the event of fire it will stop the fire from spreading for a specified period, protecting egress routes.

Doors fitted with smoke seals will prevent the spread of cold smoke.

The correct installation of fire doors is necessary for the door to perform its duty

Evidence confirms that a maximum of 4 mm to the jambs and heads is essential to meet specified fire performance

Smoke leakage can be prevented without any sealing to the threshold but this dimension is 3 mm between the bottom of the door to the floor as defined under BS9999: 2008

If 3 mm is not always possible. To prevent smoke leakage a threshold seal must be employed. Using drop down seals allows larger gaps at the bottom of the door

BS9999: 2008 Code of Practice in the Design, Management & Use of Buildings

Unequalled safety performance

BS476 part 22 compliant

BM Trada Quality Fire Door Scheme

Fire resistance: FD30, 60, 90 and 120

Single doors or pairs in a plethora of sizes

Diverse range of bespoke designs and finishes

BSEN 1642 European Fire Test Standard

Why choose Hazlin?

Highly trained & skilled operatives

Over 40 years of heritage & industry experience

A reputation for high standards & superior quality

Industry-leading machinery & workshop

Dedicated & highly responsive customer service

BM Trada Q-Mark accredited

Our own delivery fleet, dispatching nationwide

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